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Nowak, Raphaël - Networked Music Cultures, e-kirja

Networked Music Cultures

Nowak, Raphaël


Streaming Music in Japan: Corporate Cultures as Determinants of Listening Practice
Noriko Manabe
6. Making Sense of Acquiring Music in Mexico City
Víctor Ávila-Torres
7. Reading Songs, Experiencing Music: Co-creation,

Jagodzinski, Jan - Music in Youth Culture, e-kirja

Music in Youth Culture

Jagodzinski, Jan


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Aural/Oral Connections
Jan Jagodzinski
I. Theoretical Considerations
2. Stuttering In-Between Deleuze and Lacan—Acts of Transposition
Jan Jagodzinski
3. The Figurality of Noise and the Silence of the Death Drive
Jan Jagodzinski
4. The Uncanny Figural Voice

Dubber, Andrew - Radio in the Digital Age, e-kirja

Radio in the Digital Age

Dubber, Andrew

Alk. 23,75€

Radio in the Digital Age assesses a medium that has not only survived the challenges of a new technological age but indeed has extended its reach. This is not a book about digital radio, but rather about the medium of radio in

Tschmuck, Peter - Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry, e-kirja

Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry

Tschmuck, Peter


The Music Industry as Radio Industry
5. The Swing Monopoly during the Years of Wartime Economy
6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Revolution
7. The Recovery of the Phonographic Industry and New Global Players
8. The Era of Music Conglomerates
9. The Digital

Broadhurst, Susan - Digital Bodies, e-kirja

Digital Bodies

Broadhurst, Susan


Designing, (Re)designing: Embodiment and Digital Creativity in Art Practices
6. Bodies in Light: Mediating States of Presence
Michaela French
7. The Embodiment of Time
Helga Schmid
8. Machinising Humans and Humanising Machines: Emotional Relationships

Brown, Barry - Consuming Music Together, e-kirja

Consuming Music Together

Brown, Barry


Consuming Music Together: Introduction and Overview
Kenton O’Hara, Barry Brown
2. Music and Emotion in Real Time
Tia DeNora
Part 2. Sharing Music
3. Sharing and Listening to Music
Barry Brown, Abigail Sellen
4. Social Practices Around Itunes

Biles, John Al - Evolutionary Computer Music, e-kirja

Evolutionary Computer Music

Biles, John Al


Evolution in Digital Audio Technology
4. Evolution in Creative Sound Design
5. Experiments in Generative Musical Performance with a Genetic Algorithm
6. Composing with Genetic Algorithms:

Kjus, Yngvar - Live and Recorded, e-kirja

Live and Recorded

Kjus, Yngvar


Table of contents
1. Setting the Scene
Yngvar Kjus
2. Music, Media, and Mentalization
Yngvar Kjus
3. Creating Studios on Stage
Yngvar Kjus
4. Immersing in Performances and Recordings
Yngvar Kjus
5. Bridging Concerts and Records
Yngvar Kjus
6. The Live, the Dead, and the Digital