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Brandalise, Rosmary Nichele - Engineering of Biomaterials, e-kirja

Engineering of Biomaterials

Brandalise, Rosmary Nichele


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Venina dos Santos, Rosmary Nichele Brandalise, Michele Savaris
2. Biomaterials: Characteristics and Properties
Venina dos Santos, Rosmary Nichele Brandalise, Michele Savaris
3. Metallic Biomaterials
Venina dos Santos, Rosmary Nichele Brandalise, Michele Savaris

Gao, Changyou - Polymeric Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration, e-kirja

Polymeric Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

Gao, Changyou


Biomaterials Surfaces/Interfaces and Bio-interactions
5. Interactions of Biomaterial Surfaces with Proteins and Cells
Zhonglin Lyu, Qian Yu, Hong Chen
6. Surface Modification of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Feng Wen, Charles Chau Sang Lau, Jing Lim,

Moriarty, T. Fintan - Biomaterials Associated Infection, e-kirja

Biomaterials Associated Infection

Moriarty, T. Fintan


Topical Antimicrobial-Containing Biomaterials for Peri-Implant Infections in the Oral Cavity
Stefan Renvert, G. Rutger Persson
21. Preventive Strategies in VAP: Focus on Silver-Coated Endotracheal Tubes
Marin Kollef

Roy, Krishnendu - Biomaterials as Stem Cell Niche, e-kirja

Biomaterials as Stem Cell Niche

Roy, Krishnendu


Engineering ECM Complexity into Biomaterials for Directing Cell Fate
Sarah E. Stabenfeldt, Ashley Carson Brown, Thomas H. Barker
2. Functional Biomaterials for Controlling Stem Cell Differentiation
Ameya Phadke, Chien-Wen

Nordin, Anis N. - Advanced Biomaterials and Biodevices, e-kirja

Advanced Biomaterials and Biodevices

Nordin, Anis N.


This cutting-edge book focuses on the emerging area of biomaterials and biodevices that incorporate therapeutic agents, molecular targeting, and diagnostic imaging capabilities
The design and development of biomaterials play a significant role in

Suzuki, Shuko - Biomaterials for Surgical Operation, e-kirja

Biomaterials for Surgical Operation

Suzuki, Shuko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Shuko Suzuki, Yoshito Ikada
2. Biological Events Associated with Surgical Operation
Shuko Suzuki, Yoshito Ikada
3. Bioabsorbable Polymers
Shuko Suzuki, Yoshito Ikada
4. Sealants (Adhesives)…

Affatato, Saverio - Biomaterials in Clinical Practice, e-kirja

Biomaterials in Clinical Practice

Affatato, Saverio


Short History of Biomaterials Used in Hip Arthroplasty and Their Modern Evolution
Saverio Affatato, Katarina Colic, Igor Hut, D. Mirjanić, S. Pelemiš, Aleksandra Mitrovic
Part I. Material Classes
2. Progress Beyond the State-of-the-Art in the Field of

Basu, Bikramjit - Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal Regeneration, e-kirja

Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal Regeneration

Basu, Bikramjit


Probing Toxicity of Biomaterials and Biocompatibility Assessment
Bikramjit Basu
10. Three Dimensional Porous Scaffolds: Mechanical and Biocompatibility Properties
Bikramjit Basu
11. Introduction to Biomechanics and Orthopedic Device Testing

Kaur, Gurbinder - Clinical Applications of Biomaterials, e-kirja

Clinical Applications of Biomaterials

Kaur, Gurbinder


Table of contents
1. How Did Bioactive Glasses Revolutionize Medical Science? A Tribute to Larry Hench
Gurbinder Kaur, John C. Mauro, Vishal Kumar, Gary Pickrell, Francesco Baino
2. Variation in Properties of Bioactive Glasses After Surface Modification
Vojislav Stanić
3. Apatites for Orthopedic Applications