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Dumpleton, Bernard - Brunel's Three Ships, e-kirja

Brunel's Three Ships

Dumpleton, Bernard


He also built three ships - the Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern. Each one contributed more to the development of maritime engineering than any other vessel built before or since. This book tells the story of Brunel and his three ships, from the time

Anka, Mike - White Thirst, e-kirja

White Thirst

Anka, Mike


It is 1979 in Eastern Europe, Romania - A bad year in the heavy-footed, deadly Communist Era under the Russian dominance. Two young men plan and manage to escape (risking their lives every step of the way) from the Iron Curtain and reach an International Refugee Camp in Italy, sponsored

Cotton, Maggie - Wrong Sex, Wrong Instrument, e-kirja

Wrong Sex, Wrong Instrument

Cotton, Maggie


Now retired after forty years with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Maggie gives a fascinating and humorous insight into every aspect of her working life, including tours, conductors, composers, soloists, colleagues, recording contracts and educational work, as well as her own family life and