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Dooley, John F. - Codes, Ciphers and Spies, e-kirja

Codes, Ciphers and Spies

Dooley, John F.


German Spies in America, 1914–1918
13. Spies Among Us: The New York Cell, 1914–1915
John F. Dooley
14. Spies Among Us: Baltimore, Germs, Black Tom, and Kingsland (1916–1917)
John F. Dooley
15. John Manly and the Waberski Cipher Solution

Wade, Stephen - Famous Prisoners of Wormwood Scrubs, e-kirja

Famous Prisoners of Wormwood Scrubs

Wade, Stephen


Its celebrity inmates have provided the tabloids with many good stories, from Rolling Stone Keith Richards - banged up for drugs offences - to notorious spy George Blake, whose escape enthralled the country. It has entertained the Master of the Queen’s music, Sir

Maloba, W. O. - Kenyatta and Britain, e-kirja

Kenyatta and Britain

Maloba, W. O.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
W. O. Maloba
2. The Two Trips and Petitions to the Center of the Empire
W. O. Maloba
3. Spying on Political Activism
W. O. Maloba
4. Pan Africanism: Discussions on Strategy for Liberation, Marriage, and Surveillance
W. O. Maloba
5. Back Home: Politics of Nationalism,