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Boldizzoni, Francesco - Means and Ends, e-kirja

Means and Ends

Boldizzoni, Francesco


Capital as Money: The Emergence of Modernity
Francesco Boldizzoni
3. Land and Labour, 1650–1800
Francesco Boldizzoni
4. Reproduction and Transition
Francesco Boldizzoni
5. Industrial Maturity
Francesco Boldizzoni
6. The Revolt of 1867

Earenfight, Theresa - Women and Wealth in Late Medieval Europe, e-kirja

Women and Wealth in Late Medieval Europe

Earenfight, Theresa


Constant du Hamel: Women, Money, and Power in an Old French Fabliau
Daniel M. Murtaugh
3. Take All My Wealth and Let My Body Go
M. C. Bodden
4. “Consider, I Beg You, What You Owe Me”: Heloise and the Economics of Relationship
Sally Livingston

Godley, Wynne - Monetary Economics, e-kirja

Monetary Economics

Godley, Wynne


Government Money with Portfolio Choice
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
5. Long-term Bonds, Capital Gains and Liquidity Preference
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
6. Introducing the Open Economy
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
7. A Simple Model with Private Bank

Sears, Christine E. - American Slaves and African Masters, e-kirja

American Slaves and African Masters

Sears, Christine E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Remembering the “Horror of Mahometan Vassalage”
Christine E. Sears
2. “This World Is Full of Vicissitudes”
Christine E. Sears
Part I. Algiers
3. “Far Distant from Our Country, Families, Friends, and Connections”
Christine E. Sears
4. “Once a Citizen