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Mahone, Sloan - Psychiatry and Empire, e-kirja

Psychiatry and Empire

Mahone, Sloan


The Nature of the Native Mind: Contested Views of Dutch Colonial Psychiatrists in the former Dutch East Indies
Hans Pols
9. Imperial Networks and Postcolonial Independence: The Transition from Colonial to Transcultural Psychiatry
Alice Bullard
10. Madness,

Kritsotaki, Despo - Deinstitutionalisation and After, e-kirja

Deinstitutionalisation and After

Kritsotaki, Despo


French Deinstitutionalisation or the Irony of Success: Psychiatrists, the State and the Transformation of the French Psychiatric System, 1945–2010
Nicolas Henckes
7. Integration in a Divided World: Salford Community Mental Health Services 1948–1974