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Meyers, Oren - Communicating Awe, e-kirja

Communicating Awe

Meyers, Oren


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Oren Meyers, Eyal Zandberg, Motti Neiger
2. Mourning Newspapers
Oren Meyers, Eyal Zandberg, Motti Neiger
3. Sonic Sorrow
Oren Meyers, Eyal Zandberg, Motti Neiger
4. Programming Commemoration

Burke, Peter - The Art of Conversation, e-kirja

The Art of Conversation

Burke, Peter


Like the sociolinguists, Burke in concerned with the way language varies according to who is communicating to whom, on what occasion, in what medium and on what topic. Unlike many sociolinguists, Burke adds a historical dimension, treating language as an inseparable

Lea-Greenwood, Gaynor - Fashion Marketing Communications, e-kirja

Fashion Marketing Communications

Lea-Greenwood, Gaynor

Alk. 33,00€

Fashion is all about image. Consequently, fashion marketing communications – encompassing image management and public relations, branding, visual merchandising, publicity campaigns, handling the media, celebrity endorsement and sponsorship, crisis management…

Landes, Jordan - London Quakers in the Trans-Atlantic World, e-kirja

London Quakers in the Trans-Atlantic World

Landes, Jordan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jordan Landes
2. Quaker Institutional Structures
Jordan Landes
3. Communicating Religion with Friends ‘Beyond the Seas’
Jordan Landes
4. Communicating Politics with Friends ‘Beyond the Seas’
Jordan Landes
5. Quaker Merchants and Trans-Atlantic Commercial

Nathoo, Ayesha - Hearts Exposed, e-kirja

Hearts Exposed

Nathoo, Ayesha


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ayesha Nathoo
2. Making the Heart Transplantable
Ayesha Nathoo
3. Communicating Medicine in Post-War Britain
Ayesha Nathoo
4. Creating the Most Famous Operation in the World
Ayesha Nathoo
5. ‘The Most Extraordinary Programme Ever Shown on Television’: A

Rozbicki, Michal Jan - Perspectives on Interculturality, e-kirja

Perspectives on Interculturality

Rozbicki, Michal Jan


Interculturality, Cosmopolitanism, and the Role of the Imagination: A Perspective for Communicating as Global Citizens
Nilanjana Bardhan, Miriam Sobré-Denton
9. Toward a Cosmopolitan Sociology: Understanding Cosmopolitanism in Korea
Mun-Cho Kim

Davies, Gareth - Ronald Reagan and the 1980s, e-kirja

Ronald Reagan and the 1980s

Davies, Gareth


Ronald Reagan: Communicating the America Within
Dan Rather
3. Only an Actor: Memories of a Reagan Biopic
Godfrey Hodgson
4. “Just Say No”: Drug Abuse Policy in the Reagan Administration
Peter G. Bourne
5. Ronald Reagan and the End of the

Hämmerle, Christa - Gender and the First World War, e-kirja

Gender and the First World War

Hämmerle, Christa


Imagining and Communicating Violence: The Correspondence of a Berlin Family, 1914–1918
Dorothee Wierling
4. Love in the Trenches: German Soldiers’ Conceptions of Sexual Deviance and Hegemonic Masculinity in the First World War
Jason Crouthamel

Kaul, Chandrika - Media and the British Empire, e-kirja

Media and the British Empire

Kaul, Chandrika


A ‘Sense of Common Citizenship’? Mrs Potts of Reefton, New Zealand, Communicates with the Empire
Ross Harvey
13. ‘That some must suffer for the greater good’: The Post Courier and the 1969 Bougainville Crisis
Philip Cass
14. The Influence of