Sethi, Anand Kumar - The Business of Electronics, e-kirja

The Business of Electronics

Sethi, Anand Kumar


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anand Kumar Sethi
2. The Early Years: Telegraphy and Telephony
Anand Kumar Sethi
3. Wireless and Radio
Anand Kumar Sethi
4. Television
Anand Kumar Sethi
5. World War II: Radar, Sonar,…

Childs, William R. - American Business Since 1920: How It Worked, e-kirja

American Business Since 1920: How It Worked

Childs, William R.


It focuses on the entrepreneur, the firm, and the industry, by showing—from the inside—how businesses operated after 1920, while offering a good deal of Modern American social and cultural history. The case studies and contextual chapters provide an in-depth understanding

Porter, Glenn - The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920, e-kirja

The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920

Porter, Glenn


economy and its business system from 1860 to 1920 continue to fascinate and engage historians, economists, and sociologists. While many disagreements persist about the motivations of the actors, most scholars roughly agree on the central shifts in technologies and