Haku "Construction Management"

Brown, Elspeth H. - Cultures of Commerce, e-kirja

Cultures of Commerce

Brown, Elspeth H.


“The First Thing Every Negro Girl Does”: Black Beauty Culture, Racial Politics, and the Construction of Modern Black Womanhood, 1905–1925
Tiffany M. Gill
9. The Sentimental Work of Play: Manhood and the American Toy Industry, 1900–1930
Woody Register

Wongsurawat, Wasana - Sites of Modernity, e-kirja

Sites of Modernity

Wongsurawat, Wasana


From the Demolition of Monasteries to the Installation of Neon Lights: The Politics of Urban Construction in the Mongolian People’s Republic
Balazs Szalontai

Timmermann, Carsten - Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways, e-kirja

Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways

Timmermann, Carsten


Running Out of Options: Surgery, Hope and Progress in the Management of Lung Cancer, 1950s to 1990s
Carsten Timmermann
4. A Case Study in Human Experimentation: The Patient as Subject, Object and Victim
Gerald Kutcher
5. Captain Chemo and Mr Wiggly: