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Barrington, Candace - American Chaucers, e-kirja

American Chaucers

Barrington, Candace


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Popular Audiences, America, and Chaucer
Candace Barrington
2. In the Parlor with Esq. Geoffrey Chaucer
Candace Barrington
3. Sir Geoffrey, Percy Mackaye, and Civic Art
Candace Barrington
4. Flying with the Poet
Candace Barrington
5. Geoffrey and the American

Bell, John - American Puppet Modernism, e-kirja

American Puppet Modernism

Bell, John


The Little Theatre Movement and the Birth of the American Puppeteer: Midwest Puppet Modernism
John Bell
5. New York Puppet Modernism: Remo Bufano and Jane Heap
John Bell
6. Puppets and Propaganda: 1930s Parades in New York City
John Bell

Viala, Fabienne - The Post-Columbus Syndrome, e-kirja

The Post-Columbus Syndrome

Viala, Fabienne


Table of contents
1. Introduction—The Post-Columbus Syndrome: A Comparative Approach to Caribbean Memory in the Longue Durée
Fabienne Viala
Part I. Post-Columbus Systems of Memory: Recycling Heritage in the Caribbean
2. Transculturation…

Berger, Stefan - Writing the Nation, e-kirja

Writing the Nation

Berger, Stefan


Introduction: Towards a Global History of National Historiographies
Stefan Berger
2. The Power of National Pasts: Writing National History in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Europe
Stefan Berger
3. Seven Narratives