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Seargeant, Philip - The Language of Social Media, e-kirja

The Language of Social Media

Seargeant, Philip


Language choice and self-presentation in social media: the case of university students in Hong Kong
Carmen Lee
6. Entextualization and resemiotization as resources for identification in social media
Sirpa Leppänen, Samu Kytölä, Henna Jousmäki, Saija

Al-Azami, Salman - Religion in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis, e-kirja

Religion in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis

Al-Azami, Salman


Table of contents
1. Introduction—Language, Religion, and Media: A New Approach
Salman Al-Azami
2. Media Representation of Religions: A Critical Discourse Analysis
Salman Al-Azami
3. Media Representation: Audience Response
Salman Al-Azami
4. Conclusion—Towards a New Interdisciplinary Field

Brown, Amy Aisha - Taking Offence on Social Media, e-kirja

Taking Offence on Social Media

Brown, Amy Aisha


Online Communication as Context Design
Caroline Tagg, Philip Seargeant, Amy Aisha Brown
3. Giving and Taking Offence: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches
Caroline Tagg, Philip Seargeant, Amy Aisha Brown
4. Social Media

Ryfe, David M. - Journalism and the Public, e-kirja

Journalism and the Public

Ryfe, David M.


The public, James Carey famously wrote, is the ?god-term? of journalism, ?the term without which the entire enterprise fails to make sense.? In the last thirty years, scholars have made great progress in understanding just what this means.
In this…

Gravells, Jane - Semiotics and Verbal Texts, e-kirja

Semiotics and Verbal Texts

Gravells, Jane


Table of contents
Part I. Written Language and Semiotics
1. Researching the Representation of a Crisis
Jane Gravells
2. Semiotic Discourse Analysis
Jane Gravells
Part II. A Barthesian Conceptualisation of Written Language
3. Theoretical…

Schröter, Melani - Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse, e-kirja

Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse

Schröter, Melani


Cross-media Studies as a Method to Uncover Patterns of Silence and Linguistic Discrimination of Sexual Minorities in Ugandan Print Media
Cecilia Strand
6. Critically Illuminating Relevant Absences in Public Sphere Arguments via Digital Mining of Their Weblinks:

Baxter, Judith - Speaking Out, e-kirja

Speaking Out

Baxter, Judith


Table of contents
Part I. Theorising the Female Voice in Public Contexts
1. Theorising the Female Voice in Public Contexts
Deborah Cameron
2. Gaining a Public Voice: A Historical Perspective on American Women’s Public Speaking