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Kuloheri, Foteini-Vassiliki - Indiscipline in Young EFL Learner Classes, e-kirja

Indiscipline in Young EFL Learner Classes

Kuloheri, Foteini-Vassiliki


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Globalized TEFL Boom
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
2. Child Education, Discipline, and EFL Learning
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
3. YEFLL Indiscipline:
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
4. YEFLL Indiscipline:
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
5. YEFLL Indiscipline:

Adamson, John - Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia, e-kirja

Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia

Adamson, John


Language Learning Styles and Beliefs of EFL University Students in Korea: Are They Really Stereotypical?
Theron Muller, Steven Herder, John Adamson, Philip Shigeo Brown
Part B. Empowering Asian Voices
6. Learner Autonomy in Asia: How Asian Teachers and Students

Lin, Yue - Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes, e-kirja

Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes

Lin, Yue


Table of contents
1. Core Issues in Developing Critical Thinking Skills
Yue Lin
2. The Infusion Approach
Yue Lin
3. Critical Thinking and Writing
Yue Lin
4. Effectiveness of Teaching Thinking Skills
Yue Lin
5. A Case Study in a Chinese High School
Yue Lin
6. Data Collection and Data

Levis, John - The Handbook of English Pronunciation, e-kirja

The Handbook of English Pronunciation

Levis, John


The Handbook of English Pronunciation presents a comprehensive exploration of English pronunciation with essential topics for applied linguistics researchers and teachers, including language acquisition, varieties of English, historical perspectives,…

Li, Kun - Motivational Regulation in Foreign Language Learning, e-kirja

Motivational Regulation in Foreign Language Learning

Li, Kun


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kun Li
2. Theoretical Foundation and Previous Studies of Motivational Regulation
Kun Li
3. Motivational Regulation and L2 Learning
Kun Li
4. Motivational-Regulation Strategies Used by Chinese College Students
Kun Li
5. The Impact of Motivational Regulation

Pawlak, Mirosław - Classroom-oriented Research, e-kirja

Classroom-oriented Research

Pawlak, Mirosław


On the Role of Teacher Questions in EFL Classrooms: Analysing Lesson Videos
Petra Kirchhoff, Friederike Klippel
7. Teacher Interpersonal Communication Abilities in the Classroom with Regard to Perceived Classroom Justice and Teacher Credibility