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Paterson, Ian - A Dictionary of Colour, e-kirja

A Dictionary of Colour

Paterson, Ian


Words are drawn from many different worlds including art, artists, craft and design, painting, printing and sculpture, the decorative arts, gems, fashion, textiles, cosmetics, physics, maths, astronomy, chemistry, dyes, colourants, paints, biology, geography, geology,

Rivers, Damian J. - The Sociolinguistics of Hip-hop as Critical Conscience, e-kirja

The Sociolinguistics of Hip-hop as Critical Conscience

Rivers, Damian J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Hip-hop as Critical Conscience: Framing Dissatisfaction and Dissent
Andrew S. Ross, Damian J. Rivers
2. The Linguistic and Lyrical Development of 2Pac in Relation to Regional Hip-hop Identity and Conflict
Steven Gilbers
3. Dimensions of Dissatisfaction and Dissent in Contemporary