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Hall, Lynda A. - Women and ‘Value’ in Jane Austen’s Novels, e-kirja

Women and ‘Value’ in Jane Austen’s Novels

Hall, Lynda A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lynda A Hall
2. Money, Value, and Circulation
Lynda A. Hall
3. Marriage, Credit, and a Woman’s Education
Lynda A Hall
4. Sense and Settling
Lynda A Hall
5. Speculation and Predatory Behavior
Lynda A Hall
6. Superfluous, Invisible, and Invalid

Marsh, Nicky - Democracy in Contemporary U.S. Women’s Poetry, e-kirja

Democracy in Contemporary U.S. Women’s Poetry

Marsh, Nicky


Paper Money and Tender Acts: Feminism and Democracy
Nicky Marsh
3. The Poetics of Privacy: Writing the Lyric Self
Nicky Marsh
4. Against the Outside: Language Poetry as a Counter-Public
Nicky Marsh
5. Go Grrrl: Democracy and Counterculture

Jones, Tom - Pope and Berkeley, e-kirja

Pope and Berkeley

Jones, Tom


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Pope and Berkeley
Tom Jones
2. Reading about Language
Tom Jones
3. The Language of Vision and the Sister Arts
Tom Jones
4. Money and Language
Tom Jones
5. Providence as the Language of God in Alciphron and An Essay on Man
Tom Jones
6. Epilogue: Pope,

Bruce, Susan - Fiction and Economy, e-kirja

Fiction and Economy

Bruce, Susan


Supreme Fictions: Money and Words as Commodifying Signifiers
Richard Waswo
3. Trafficking Words
Margaret Bridges
4. The Stain of the Signature
Peter Bolla
5. Semiotics and Economics
Giulia Colaizzi, Jenaro Talens
6. ‘Parties in Converse’:

Kamblé, Jayashree - Making Meaning in Popular Romance Fiction, e-kirja

Making Meaning in Popular Romance Fiction

Kamblé, Jayashree


Capitalism: Money and Means in Romance Novels
Jayashree Kamblé
3. War: Patriotism and the Damaged Romance Novel Hero
Jayashree Kamblé
4. Heterosexuality: Negotiating Normative Romance Novel Desire
Jayashree Kamblé
5. White Protestantism:

Driscoll, Beth - The New Literary Middlebrow, e-kirja

The New Literary Middlebrow

Driscoll, Beth


The Man Booker Prize: Money, Glory and Media Spectacle
Beth Driscoll
6. The Middlebrow Pleasures of Literary Festivals
Beth Driscoll
7. Conclusion: the Future of Reading
Beth Driscoll

Grande, James - William Cobbett, the Press and Rural England, e-kirja

William Cobbett, the Press and Rural England

Grande, James


Prison, Paper Money and Cobbett’s ‘Two-Penny Trash’
James Grande
5. Long Island Pastoral
James Grande
6. Cobbett and Queen Caroline
James Grande
7. Rural Rides and the 1820s
James Grande
8. ‘Rural War’ and the July Revolution

Balfour, Robert J. - Culture, Capital and Representation, e-kirja

Culture, Capital and Representation

Balfour, Robert J.


The Gold Standard and Literature: Money and Language in the Work of Jean-Joseph Goux
Ben Roberts
10. Producing and Consuming Agricultural Capital: the Aesthetics and Cultural Politics of Grain Elevators at the 1937 Paris International Exposition

Keulks, Gavin - Martin Amis: Postmodernism and Beyond, e-kirja

Martin Amis: Postmodernism and Beyond

Keulks, Gavin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gavin Keulks
2. “My Heart Really Goes Out to Me”: The Self-indulgent Highway to Adulthood in The Rachel Papers
Neil Brooks
3. Looking-glass Worlds in Martin Amis’s Early Fiction: Reflectiveness, Mirror Narcissism, and Doubles
Richard Todd
4. The Passion of John