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Barbour, Richmond - The Third Voyage Journals, e-kirja

The Third Voyage Journals

Barbour, Richmond


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richmond Barbour
2. The Anonymous Hector Journal
Richmond Barbour
3. The Hector Journal of Anthony Marlowe
Richmond Barbour
4. The Hector Papers of Francis Bucke
Richmond Barbour
5. The Red Dragon Journal of John Hearne and William Finch
Richmond Barbour

Das, Devaleena - Claiming Space for Australian Women’s Writing, e-kirja

Claiming Space for Australian Women’s Writing

Das, Devaleena


Disparate Visions: The Contested Homefront Worlds of Gwen Harwood, Faith Richmond and Judith Wright (1939–1945)
Raymond Evans
9. Made in Suburbia: Intra-suburban Narratives in Contemporary Australian Women’s Fiction
Belinda Burns
10. “The Inexhaustible