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Pettitt, Joanne - Perpetrators in Holocaust Narratives, e-kirja

Perpetrators in Holocaust Narratives

Pettitt, Joanne


On the Humanity of Nazis: Establishing (Un-)Commonality with the Reader
2. Nazis in Society
Joanne Pettitt
3. Subverting Connections with the Reader
Joanne Pettitt
4. Drawing the Reader into the Narrative
Joanne Pettitt
Part II. Between the

Newnham, Roberta A. E. - André Malraux: An Age of Oppression, e-kirja

André Malraux: An Age of Oppression

Newnham, Roberta A. E.


The story (with the emphasis upon the psychological trauma suffered by a German political prisoner of the Nazis in the early 1930s) marks a significant moment in Malraux’s literary oeuvre, and a prophetic insight into the historical implications of the situation