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Ashton, Gail - Teaching Chaucer, e-kirja

Teaching Chaucer

Ashton, Gail


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gail Ashton
2. Chaucer for Fun and Profit
Peggy A. Knapp
3. A Series of Linked Assignments for the Undergraduate Course on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Steven F. Kruger
4. Why We Should Teach—and Our Students Perform—The Legend of Good Women
Fiona Tolhurst

Harris, Laurel - Communal Modernisms, e-kirja

Communal Modernisms

Harris, Laurel


Introduction: Teaching Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture in the Twenty-First-Century Classroom
Laurel Harris, Emily M. Hinnov, Lauren M. Rosenblum
Part I. The Influence of Photography and Film on Literary Communal Modernisms
2. Teaching Modernism