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Halsey, Katie - The History of Reading, Volume 2, e-kirja

The History of Reading, Volume 2

Halsey, Katie


‘Something light to take my mind off the war’: Reading on the Home Front during the Second World War
Katie Halsey
Part 3. Reading and the Press
7. What Readers Want: Criminal Intelligence and the Fortunes of the Metropolitan Press during the Long Eighteenth

Gavin, Adrienne E. - The Child in British Literature, e-kirja

The Child in British Literature

Gavin, Adrienne E.


The Post-War Child: Childhood in British Literature in the Wake of World War II
Pat Pinsent
15. Shackled by Past and Parents: The Child in British Children’s Literature after 1970
Karen Sands-O’Connor
16. Examining the Idea of Childhood: The Child