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Baker, Timothy C. - Contemporary Scottish Gothic, e-kirja

Contemporary Scottish Gothic

Baker, Timothy C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Borderlines: Contemporary Scottish Gothic
Timothy C. Baker
2. A Scott-Haunted World
Timothy C. Baker
3. Authentic Inauthenticity: The Found Manuscript
Timothy C. Baker
4. Fantastic Islands
Timothy C. Baker
5. Metamorphosis: Humans and Animals

Mitchell, Kate - History and Cultural Memory in Neo-Victorian Fiction, e-kirja

History and Cultural Memory in Neo-Victorian Fiction

Mitchell, Kate


‘Making it seem like it’s authentic’: the Faux-Victorian Novel as Cultural Memory in Affinity and Fingersmith
Kate Mitchell
7. ‘The alluring patina of loss’: Photography, Memory, and Memory Texts in Sixty Lights and Afterimage
Kate Mitchell

Green, Chris - The Social Life of Poetry, e-kirja

The Social Life of Poetry

Green, Chris


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chris Green
Part I. Appalachia, Race, and Pluralism
2. Evangelizing an Anglo Equality (1883–1908)
Chris Green
3. New York City’s Cultural Pluralists (1906–1930)
Chris Green
4. Reactionary Regionalism versus Critical Quarterlies (1925–1945)
Chris Green

Groes, Sebastian - The Making of London, e-kirja

The Making of London

Groes, Sebastian


Table of contents
1. Introduction: From ‘ellowen deeowen’ to ‘Babylondon’: London is a Language
Sebastian Groes
2. ‘Fabricked out of Literature and Myth’: Maureen Duffy’s Londons
Sebastian Groes
3. ‘Of Real Experience Mixed with Myth’: Michael Moorcock’s Authentic London Myths