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Nekić, Melani - Tourist Activities in Multimodal Texts, e-kirja

Tourist Activities in Multimodal Texts

Nekić, Melani


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Melani Nekić
2. A Multi-Layer Approach to the Website Analysis
Melani Nekić
3. Analysis of Website Layout
Melani Nekić
4. Analysis of Meaning-Making in Tourist Websites
Melani Nekić
5. Conclusion
Melani Nekić

Balme, Christopher B. - Pacific Performances, e-kirja

Pacific Performances

Balme, Christopher B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Christopher B. Balme
2. Pacific Overtures: Trumpets, Beaches and Women
Christopher B. Balme
3. Staged Authenticity: The South Seas and European Theatre, 1785–1830
Christopher B. Balme
4. Comedians and Crusaders: Anti-Theatrical Prejudice in the South Seas

Fuller, Stephanie - The US-Mexico Border in American Cold War Film, e-kirja

The US-Mexico Border in American Cold War Film

Fuller, Stephanie


The Romance of Mexico: Tourists, Fugitives, and Escaping the United States
Stephanie Fuller
3. Mapping Borders and Identity: Representation, Transformation, and Ethnicity
Stephanie Fuller
4. Danger, Disappearance, and the Exotic: American Travelers

Plate, Liedeke - Technologies of Memory in the Arts, e-kirja

Technologies of Memory in the Arts

Plate, Liedeke


Table of contents
1. Technologies of Memory in the Arts: An Introduction
Liedeke Plate, Anneke Smelik
Part I. Mediating Memories
2. Tourists of History: Souvenirs, Architecture and the Kitschification of Memory
Marita Sturken
3. Minimalism, Memory and the Reflection of Absence
Wouter Weijers

Gregory, Georgina - Relocating Popular Music, e-kirja

Relocating Popular Music

Gregory, Georgina


Abbey Road Studios, the Tourist, and Beatles Heritage
Peter Atkinson
8. East Meets West: Tallinn Old Town and Soviet Estonian Pop Music on Screen
Eva Näripea
9. Tourism and Heterotopia in Falco’s Songs
Ewa Mazierska
10. In Praise of Authenticity?

Chow, Raymond P. M. - Harmony versus Conflict in Asian Business, e-kirja

Harmony versus Conflict in Asian Business

Chow, Raymond P. M.


An Empirical Study of Trust, Commitment, Relationship Quality, and Behavioural Consequences for International Tourist Hotels in Taiwan
Che-Jen Su, Cheng-Chien Wang
Part II. The Conflict Perspective
9. The Moderating Effects of Situation Factors on the Relationship

Koeck, Richard - Cinematic Urban Geographies, e-kirja

Cinematic Urban Geographies

Koeck, Richard


The Cine-Tourist’s Map of New Wave Paris
Roland-François Lack
7. Set-Jetting, Film Pilgrimage and The Third Man
Frederick Baker
Part III. Films as Sites of Memories – Lieux de Mémoires
8. The Cinematic Shtetl as a Site of Postmemory