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Pinazza, Natália - Journeys in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema, e-kirja

Journeys in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema

Pinazza, Natália


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Natália Pinazza
2. National and Transnational Film Studies : The Argentine and Brazilian Case
Natália Pinazza
3. Home: National Crisis, Fragmented Family, and Death
Natália Pinazza
4. Europe as Destination and Point of Departure
Natália Pinazza
5. Bordercrossing

Carl, Klaus - Baroque Art, e-kirja

Baroque Art

Carl, Klaus


Amongst the Baroque arts, architecture has, without doubt, left the greatest mark in Europe: the continent is dotted with magnificent Baroque churches and palaces, commissioned by patrons at the height of their power. The works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini of the

Carl, Klaus - Dürer, e-kirja


Carl, Klaus


Nuremberg, his hometown, had become a great centre of printing and the chief distributor of books throughout Europe. Consequently, the art of engraving upon wood and copper, which may be called the pictorial branch of printing, was much encouraged. Of this opportunity