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Miller, Vivien - Cross-Cultural Connections in Crime Fictions, e-kirja

Cross-Cultural Connections in Crime Fictions

Miller, Vivien


The Fact and Fiction of Darwinism: The Representation of Race, Ethnicity and Imperialism in the Sherlock Holmes Stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Hilary A. Goldsmith
4. “You’re not so special, Mr. Ford”: The Quest for Criminal Celebrity
George Green,

Crișan, Marius-Mircea - Dracula, e-kirja


Crișan, Marius-Mircea


Location and the Vampire: The Impact of Fictional Stories upon Associated Locations
Kristin L. Bone
11. In Search of Dracula’s Oracular History
John Edgar Browning
12. Vampiric Emotion and Identity in Dracula and Interview with the Vampire

McGlynn, Cathy - Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture, e-kirja

Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture

McGlynn, Cathy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cathy McGlynn, Margaret O’Neill, Michaela Schrage-Früh
Part I. Narratives of Ageing
2. Making the Invisible Visible: The Presence of Older Women Artists in Early Modern Artistic Biography
Julia K. Dabbs
3. Losing One’s Self: The Depiction of Female Dementia Sufferers