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Brown, Jennifer - Cannibalism in Literature and Film, e-kirja

Cannibalism in Literature and Film

Brown, Jennifer


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jennifer Brown
Part I. Mr Cannibal I Presume? The Colonial Cannibal
2. No Petticoats Here — Early Colonial Cannibals
Jennifer Brown
3. Into the Heart of Darkness
Jennifer Brown
4. Off the…

Rosario, Vanessa Pérez - Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration, e-kirja

Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration

Rosario, Vanessa Pérez


A Revolution in Pink: Cuban Queer Literature Inside and Outside the Island
Ana Belén Martín Sevillano
10. Gender Pirates of the Caribbean: Queering Caribbeanness in the Novels of Zoé Valdés and Christopher John Farley
Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley

Martín-Junquera, Imelda - Landscapes of Writing in Chicano Literature, e-kirja

Landscapes of Writing in Chicano Literature

Martín-Junquera, Imelda


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Imelda Martín-Junquera
2. Home, Streets, Nature: Esperanza’s Itineraries in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street
Elisabetta Careri
3. Harvesting a Chicana Cultural Landscape: The Manipulation in Sandra Cisneros’ “Women Hollering Creek”
Elena Avilés