Haku "feminist studies"

Johnson, Clare - Femininity, Time and Feminist Art, e-kirja

Femininity, Time and Feminist Art

Johnson, Clare


Traces of Feminist Art: Temporal Complexity in the Work of Eleanor Antin and Elizabeth Manchester
Clare Johnson
4. Sexuality, Loss and Maternal Desire in the Work of Carolee Schneemann and Tracey Emin
Clare Johnson
5. Feminist Narratives and Unfaithful

Taylor, Anthea - Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster, e-kirja

Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster

Taylor, Anthea


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthea Taylor
2. ‘Blockbuster’ Feminism and Celebrification
Anthea Taylor
Part I. The 1960s/1970s Blockbuster and Ongoing Feminist Stardom
3. Helen Gurley Brown: Prototypical Celebrity Feminism, Cultural Intermediaries, and Agency
Anthea Taylor
4. Betty Friedan:

Aston, Elaine - Feminist Futures?, e-kirja

Feminist Futures?

Aston, Elaine


The Screens of Time: Feminist Memories and Hopes
Sue-Ellen Case
8. Africa Lives On in We: Histories and Futures of Black Women Artists
9. The Politics of the Personal: Autobiography in Performance
Dee Heddon
10. Performing in Glass:

Horbury, Alison - Post-feminist Impasses in Popular Heroine Television, e-kirja

Post-feminist Impasses in Popular Heroine Television

Horbury, Alison


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Persephone?
Alison Horbury
2. The Myth of Persephone and the Hymn to Demeter
Alison Horbury
3. Persephone in Heroine Television: The Post-feminist Impasse
Alison Horbury
4. Persephone as Narrative Symptom: Narrative Transactions in Long-Form Viewership

Dale, Catherine - Orienting Feminism, e-kirja

Orienting Feminism

Dale, Catherine


Fighting Back on Feminist Terms: Empowerment Through Self-Defence Training in Neoliberal Times
Bell A. Murphy
6. SlutWalk Melbourne: Negotiating Feminisms and Organising Activists
Jessamy Gleeson
7. Surfing the Fourth Wave of the Feminist

Hipkins, Danielle - Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema, e-kirja

Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema

Hipkins, Danielle


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Danielle Hipkins, Kate Taylor-Jones
Part I. Re-Viewing The Politics Of Poverty And Pity
2. Distant Suffering, Proper Distance: Cosmopolitan Ethics in the Film Portrayal of Trafficked Women
Jane Arthurs

Hill, Rosemary Lucy - Gender, Metal and the Media, e-kirja

Gender, Metal and the Media

Hill, Rosemary Lucy


Table of contents
1. Gender, Metal and the Media: An Introduction
Rosemary Lucy Hill
2. Hard Rock and Metal as an Imaginary Community
Rosemary Lucy Hill
3. The Media and the Imaginary Community
Rosemary Lucy Hill
4. Women Fans…

Dang, Sarah-Mai - Gossip, Women, Film, and Chick Flicks, e-kirja

Gossip, Women, Film, and Chick Flicks

Dang, Sarah-Mai


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sarah-Mai Dang
2. Gossip as an Organizing Principle of Social Order and Perception
Sarah-Mai Dang
3. Easy A—“A is for Awesome”
Sarah-Mai Dang
4. Emma—“A Match Well Made,…

Horn, Katrin - Women, Camp, and Popular Culture, e-kirja

Women, Camp, and Popular Culture

Horn, Katrin


Postfeminism: Feminist Camp in 30 Rock
Katrin Horn
5. Taking Pop Seriously: Lady Gaga as Camp
Katrin Horn
6. Camp: A New, More Complex Relation to the Serious
Katrin Horn