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, John Ford - A Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic Plays, e-kirja

A Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic Plays

, John Ford


This unique edition brings together four plays concerned with 'domestic' themes: Arden of Faversham, Heywood's A Woman Killed with Kindness and The English Traveller, and Dekker, Rowley and Ford's The Witch of Edmonton. Texts are in modern spelling, accompanied by a critical introduction,

Burnett, Mark Thornton - Filming and Performing Renaissance History, e-kirja

Filming and Performing Renaissance History

Burnett, Mark Thornton


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Documenting the Renaissance
Mark Thornton Burnett, Adrian Streete
2. The Network King: Re-creating Henry VIII for a Global Television Audience
Ramona Wray
3. Breaking Shakespeare’s Image in Late Spanish Drama and Film
Jesús Tronch Pérez
4. The Touch of Man on

Jagodzinski, Jan - Music in Youth Culture, e-kirja

Music in Youth Culture

Jagodzinski, Jan


The Good Witch-Bitch: Grrrl Power as the Desublimated Ugly Aesthetic
Jan Jagodzinski
15. The New Virginity: The Nostalgic Return of the Veil
Jan Jagodzinski
IV. Interlude
16. The Fan(addict): The Sinthome of Believing in the Multiples of ONE

Newstok, Scott L. - Weyward <Emphasis Type="Italic">Macbeth</Emphasis>, e-kirja

Weyward Macbeth

Newstok, Scott L.


Weird Brothers: What Thomas Middleton’s The Witch Can Tell Us about Race, Sex, and Gender in Macbeth
Celia R. Daileader
2. Early American Intersections
3. “Blood Will Have Blood”: Violence, Slavery, and Macbeth in the Antebellum American Imagination