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Chan, Lawrence - Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers, e-kirja

Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers

Chan, Lawrence


Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr offer loads of exciting marketing opportunities. This practical guide from a well-respected professional photographer shows you how to take advantage of social media to grow a profitable photography

Bebawi, Saba - Social Media and the Politics of Reportage, e-kirja

Social Media and the Politics of Reportage

Bebawi, Saba


The Arab Spring on Twitter: Language Communities in #egypt and #libya
Axel Bruns, Tim Highfield
4. Al Jazeera English’s Networked Journalism during the 2011 Egyptian Uprising
William Lafi Youmans
Part II. Political Effects
5. Syrian Activists in

Lo, Shih-Hung - Digital Technology and Journalism, e-kirja

Digital Technology and Journalism

Lo, Shih-Hung


Indian TV Anchors on Twitter: Technological Practice and Textual Form
Vibodh Parthasarathi, Ananda Mitra
13. Practising Journalism on Twitter? A Computational Analysis of British Journalists’ Use of Twitter

Taylor, Anthea - Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster, e-kirja

Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster

Taylor, Anthea


Naomi Wolf: Twitter and the Transformation of a ‘Third wave’ Celebrity
Anthea Taylor
7. Sheryl Sandberg and Roxane Gay: The Limits and Possibilities of Contemporary Blockbuster Feminism
Anthea Taylor
8. Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham: Celebrity Memoirs,

Al-Deen, Hana S. Noor - Social Media and Strategie Communications, e-kirja

Social Media and Strategie Communications

Al-Deen, Hana S. Noor


140 Characters for Better Health: An Exploration of the Twitter Engagement of Leading Nonprofit Organizations
Marcus Messner, Yan Jin, Vivian Medina-Messner, Shana Meganck, Scott C. Quarforth, Sally K. Norton
8. Public Relations in a Virtual World: A Second

Bortoluzzi, Maria - Transmedia Crime Stories, e-kirja

Transmedia Crime Stories

Bortoluzzi, Maria


SIAMO INNOCENTI: Twitter and the Performative Practices of the ‘Real’ Amanda Knox
Katrina Clifford
6. (Co-)constructing Community Identity: Pro-Innocent Voices in the Meredith Kercher Murder Case
Maria Bortoluzzi
7. From News to Comment: Tracing

Al-Sayyed, Rizik - Social Media Shaping e-Publishing and Academia, e-kirja

Social Media Shaping e-Publishing and Academia

Al-Sayyed, Rizik


Table of contents
Part I. Social Media in Libraries and Information Centers
1. Reaching Your Community via Social Media: Academic Libraries and Librarians Using Facebook and Twitter for Outreach
Deborah J. Margolis, Emily A. Treptow
2. Social Networks Impact on Information Consumption and Usage: e-Marefa Case

Kelly, Ashley R. - Emerging Genres in New Media Environments, e-kirja

Emerging Genres in New Media Environments

Kelly, Ashley R.


Table of contents
1. “Where Do Genres Come From?”
Carolyn R. Miller
Part I. Medium
2. Bridge to Genre: Spanning Technological Change
Janet Giltrow
3. Remediating Diagnosis: A Familiar Narrative Form or Emerging Digital Genre?
Lora Arduser
4. Russian New Media Users’ Reaction to a Meteor Explosion

Mutsvairo, Bruce - Digital Activism in the Social Media Era, e-kirja

Digital Activism in the Social Media Era

Mutsvairo, Bruce


Table of contents
Part I. Political Engagements in Mediated Online Communities
1. Dovetailing Desires for Democracy with New ICTs’ Potentiality as Platform for Activism
Bruce Mutsvairo
2. Engaging in Polarized Society: Social Media and Political Discourse in Ethiopia
Iginio Gagliardone, Matti Pohjonen