Haku "Romance"

Davis, Emily S. - Rethinking the Romance Genre, e-kirja

Rethinking the Romance Genre

Davis, Emily S.


Rewriting the Colonial Romance: Global Intimacies between Women
Emily S. Davis
4. The Gothic Global: Capitalist Excesses, Postcolonial Returns
Emily S. Davis
5. The Intimacies of Globalization: Bodies and Borders On-Screen
Emily S. Davis

Brasileiro, Marcus - Migration in Lusophone Cinema, e-kirja

Migration in Lusophone Cinema

Brasileiro, Marcus


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cacilda Rêgo, Marcus Brasileiro
2. Imagining Migration: A Panoramic View of Lusophone Films and Tabu (2012) as a Case Study
Carolin Overhoff Ferreira
3. Thinking of Portugal, Looking at Cape Verde:…

Bubeníček, Petr - Subversive Adaptations, e-kirja

Subversive Adaptations

Bubeníček, Petr


Adaptation as Challenge: Marketa Lazarová and Romance for Flugelhorn
Petr Bubeníček
5. Adaptation as a Reflection of the Zeitgeist
Petr Bubeníček
6. Epilogue

Katz, Dovid - Yiddish and Power, e-kirja

Yiddish and Power

Katz, Dovid


A Yiddish Romance with Powerlessness
1. A Yiddish Romance with Powerlessness
Dovid Katz
I. Old Yiddish in Western Ashkenaz
2. Gentile Culture Empowers Simple Jews
Dovid Katz
3. Power of the Printing Press

Evans, Peter William - Top Hat, e-kirja

Top Hat

Evans, Peter William


Top Hat is the first volume to spotlight this classic Hollywood film, probing the musical genre, notions of romance and subjectivity, as well as the contested relations between the sexes. Offers a detailed analysis of one of Hollywood's greatest musicals, including a comprehensive

Shoos, Diane L. - Domestic Violence in Hollywood Film, e-kirja

Domestic Violence in Hollywood Film

Shoos, Diane L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Representing Domestic Violence, Regalvanizing the Revolution
Diane L. Shoos
2. Gaslight, Gaslighting, and the Gothic Romance Film
Diane L. Shoos
3. Sleeping With the Enemy, Victim Empowerment, and the Thrill of Horror
Diane L. Shoos
4. What’s