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Dankworth, Linda E. - Dance Ethnography and Global Perspectives, e-kirja

Dance Ethnography and Global Perspectives

Dankworth, Linda E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Global Perspectives in Ethnographic Fieldwork, Theory, and the Representation of Traditional Dance
Linda E. Dankworth, Ann R. David
Part I. Issues of Tradition, Modernity and Authenticity
2. Embodied Traditions:…

Hutchinson, Jonathon - Cultural Intermediaries, e-kirja

Cultural Intermediaries

Hutchinson, Jonathon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jonathon Hutchinson
Part I. Foundations for Digital Cultural Intermediation
2. Institutional Cultural Intermediation
Jonathon Hutchinson
3. Public Service Media
Jonathon Hutchinson
4. Participation…

Mitra, Royona - Akram Khan, e-kirja

Akram Khan

Mitra, Royona


Auto-ethnography and Loose in Flight (1999)
Royona Mitra
5. Third Space Politics in Zero Degrees (2005) and Desh (2011)
Royona Mitra
6. Mobility and Flexibility in Bahok (2008)
Royona Mitra
7. Queering Normativity in iTMOi (2013)

Federova, Marina - Art of Siberia, e-kirja

Art of Siberia

Federova, Marina


The art of Siberia is a fascinating subject, and the artifacts discovered in the hidden archives of the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg are nothing less than extraordinary. Artwork, day-to-day subjects and photos dating from the turn of the century all represent the testimonies