Haku "Economic Systems"

Watanabe, Mariko - Recovering Financial Systems, e-kirja

Recovering Financial Systems

Watanabe, Mariko


Table of contents
1. Introduction: From Government Allocation to Market Adjustment
Mariko Watanabe
Part I. Macro Performance: How has the Government Affected Macro Performance?
2. Macroeconomic Stability and Seigniorage for Fiscal Revenue:…

Kidd, John B. - Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia, e-kirja

Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia

Kidd, John B.


The Role of Human Capital and Intelligence in the Economic Development of the Asian Economies
Richard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanen
3. Knowledge Resources in Korea: Understanding Korea’s Business System and Capitalism
Chong Ju Choi
Part II. Governance and the

Cheng, Shi - China’s Rural Industrialization Policy, e-kirja

China’s Rural Industrialization Policy

Cheng, Shi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Shi Cheng
Part I. Rural Industrialization under State Monopoly Control
2. Shifting in the Land Reform Campaign
Shi Cheng
3. Sprouting in the Cooperative Campaign
Shi Cheng
4. Great Leap Forward in the People’s Communization Campaign
Shi Cheng
5. Great

Rongxing, Guo - How the Chinese Economy Works, e-kirja

How the Chinese Economy Works

Rongxing, Guo


Political Economic Systems in Transition
Guo Rongxing
5. Understanding Chinese Economic Reform
Guo Rongxing
6. Economic Growth and Income Distribution
Guo Rongxing
7. A Multiregional Economic Comparison

Ronchi, Alfredo M. - eCulture, e-kirja


Ronchi, Alfredo M.


Table of contents
I. Cultural Content and the Information Society
1. Digital Content
2. e-Society and the Social Divide
3. Quality Content
4. Digital Content and Creativity
5. Cultural Content
6. Digital Communication: the Role of Context
7. Cultural Diversity and Cultural Models
8. Content, Communication

UNKNOWN - Green Building: Project Planning and Cost Estimating, e-kirja

Green Building: Project Planning and Cost Estimating


Alk. 115,05€

The chapters, case studies, and resources give you practical guidance on green building, including the latest on:
Green building approaches, materials, rating systems, standards, and guidelines
Energy efficiencies, implementing energy modeling tools

Chen, Yanhui - Understanding Western Culture, e-kirja

Understanding Western Culture

Chen, Yanhui


Table of contents
1. Western Philosophy
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
2. Political Systems
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
3. Economic Systems of the West
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
4. Western Military Culture
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
5. Education System