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Perrault, Sarah Tinker - Communicating Popular Science, e-kirja

Communicating Popular Science

Perrault, Sarah Tinker


Table of contents
Part I. Foundations
1. Popular Science Writing: Problems and Potential
Sarah Tinker Perrault
2. Theoretical and Analytical Framework
Sarah Tinker Perrault
3. A Brief History of Science Popularization

Fier, Blue - Composition Photo Workshop, e-kirja

Composition Photo Workshop

Fier, Blue

Alk. 30,05€

The hands-on instruction that digital photographers need to compose great shots

Introducing readers to the basic elements of design, this full-color guide shows photographers step by step how to frame great compositions before they take the…

Cateridge, James - Film Studies For Dummies, e-kirja

Film Studies For Dummies

Cateridge, James


You'll get easy-to-read information on analyzing and critiquing film from a range of theoretical, historical and critical perspectives, and learn how people communicate ideas in film. You'll also be able to shine a light on how stories are developed in movies, understand

Sandry, Eleanor - Robots and Communication, e-kirja

Robots and Communication

Sandry, Eleanor


Communicating with Non-Humanoid Robots
4. Encountering Otherness
Eleanor Sandry
5. Stories and Dances
Eleanor Sandry
6. Collaboration and Trust
Eleanor Sandry
Part III. Rethinking Robots and Communication
7. Humans, Animals and Machines

Biggin, Rose - Immersive Theatre and Audience Experience, e-kirja

Immersive Theatre and Audience Experience

Biggin, Rose


Fan Interactivity: Communicating Immersive Experience
Rose Biggin
5. Follow the Story: Narrative and Immersion
Rose Biggin
6. Exploring Multistories: Narrative, Immersion and Chronology
Rose Biggin
7. Play the Story: An Approach to Narrative

Beer, David - Punk Sociology, e-kirja

Punk Sociology

Beer, David


Table of contents
Part I. The Background
1. Introduction: Sociology, Uncertainty, and the Possibility of an Imagined Future
David Beer
2. The Punk Ethos
David Beer
Part II. Towards a Punk Sociology
3. From a Punk Ethos to a Punk Sociology
David Beer
4. Relativistic, Open, and Eclectic: Sociological

Grant, Colin B. - Uncertainty and Communication, e-kirja

Uncertainty and Communication

Grant, Colin B.


Table of contents
1. Why Communication Is Not as Certain as We Might Think
Colin B. Grant
2. Intersubjectivity, Dialogue and the Limits of Sharedness
Colin B. Grant
3. The Limited Reach of Universal Pragmatics
Colin B. Grant
4. The Limited Reach of Communication Systems
Colin B. Grant
5. Uncertainty

Servaes, Jan - Sustainable Development and Green Communication, e-kirja

Sustainable Development and Green Communication

Servaes, Jan


Communicating the Cost of Social Change
8. Communicating the True Ecological Cost of Development: Addressing Development and Environment in Orissa, India
Maitreyee Mishra
9. Socio-cultural Perspectives on Sustainability of Sexually Transmitted Diseases,