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Anastasiadis, Mario - Media Logic(s) Revisited, e-kirja

Media Logic(s) Revisited

Anastasiadis, Mario


The Logics of the Media and the Mediatized Conditions of Social Interaction
Stig Hjarvard
5. Mediatization as Structural Couplings: Adapting to Media Logic(s)
Mikkel Fugl Eskjær
6. Media Technology and Media Logic(s): The Media Grammar Approach

Bailey, Steve - Media Audiences and Identity, e-kirja

Media Audiences and Identity

Bailey, Steve


Introduction: Media, Culture and the Self
Steve Bailey
2. Media and Self-Construction: Theoretical Issues
Steve Bailey
3. Every Freak Needs a Show: Polyvalent Subjectivity and a Local Underground Film Scene
Steve Bailey
4. ‘I Believe in Me’:

Lawrence, Michael - The Zoo and Screen Media, e-kirja

The Zoo and Screen Media

Lawrence, Michael


Table of contents
1. ‘A Constellation of Incongruities’: The Amateur Film and the Trip to the Zoo
Karen Lury
2. Capturing the Beasts: Zoo Film and Interspecies Pasts
Andrew J. P. Flack
3. The Human Zoo and Its Double

Berger, Arthur Asa - Media, Myth, and Society, e-kirja

Media, Myth, and Society

Berger, Arthur Asa


Table of contents
1. The Myth Model
Arthur Asa Berger
2. The Structure of Myth
Arthur Asa Berger
3. A Sociological Analysis of Myth
Arthur Asa Berger
4. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Myth
Arthur Asa Berger
5. The Semiotics…

Freeman, Matthew - Industrial Approaches to Media, e-kirja

Industrial Approaches to Media

Freeman, Matthew


Introduction: Media Industry Studies—What and Why?
Matthew Freeman
Part I. The Ideologies and Ethics of Media Industry Studies
2. The Professional Ideologies of Academia and Industry
Matthew Freeman
3. The Politics and Ethics of Media Industry

Iosifidis, Petros - Global Media and Communication Policy, e-kirja

Global Media and Communication Policy

Iosifidis, Petros


Global Communication Theories and the Nation-State
5. Global Communication Paradigms
Petros Iosifidis
6. Globalization and the Nation-State
Petros Iosifidis
Part III. Supranational Bodies
7. Supranational Bodies, Non-State Actors and Global Media

Budarick, John - Minorities and Media, e-kirja

Minorities and Media

Budarick, John


Mobility, Migration and Resilience: Multifaceted Identities and Migrant Media in South Australia
Rob Cover
3. From Marginalisation to a Voice of Our Own: African Media in Australia
John Budarick
4. The Changing Chinese Community Mediascape Since the

Battin, Justin Michael - Mobile Media Technologies and Poiēsis, e-kirja

Mobile Media Technologies and Poiēsis

Battin, Justin Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Justin Michael Battin
2. Situating Heidegger for the Study of Mobile Media Technology Use
Justin Michael Battin
3. This Technology is a Part of Me
Justin Michael Battin
4. The Immaterial as Traversable
Justin Michael Battin
5. Our Relationship to the Technological