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Warren, Paul Mclntosh and Digby - Creativity in the Classroom, e-kirja

Creativity in the Classroom

Warren, Paul Mclntosh and Digby


In essence, the teaching methods illustrated in this book provide the means to dialogue and debate in the classroom and to support personal, academic and social integration. Through this process, spaces are created for transformative learning to occur. Another premise

Ito, Michiko - In Godzilla’s® Footsteps, e-kirja

In Godzilla’s® Footsteps

Ito, Michiko


Teaching Godzilla: Classroom Encounters with a Cultural Icon
Joanne Bernardi
10. “Our First Kiss Had a Radioactive Taste”: Ohashi Yasuhiko’s Gojira in Japan and Canada
Kevin J. Wetmore
11. Godzilla Meets Super Kyōgen, or How a Dinosaur Saved

Bala, Sruti - International Performance Research Pedagogies, e-kirja

International Performance Research Pedagogies

Bala, Sruti


A Turn in Teaching and Learning: The Transnational Classroom in an International Setting
Hanna Korsberg, Outi Lahtinen
15. Co-curating the Curriculum: On the Politics of International Performance Pedagogy
Gargi Bharadwaj, Lonneke Heugten
16. Curation