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Salgado, Rosa Sanchez - Europeanizing Civil Society, e-kirja

Europeanizing Civil Society

Salgado, Rosa Sanchez


The Europeanization of CSOs—Institutional Impact or Strategic Action?
Rosa Sanchez Salgado
Part I. Domestic Civil Society under EU Pressures
3. Domestic Civil Society: National or European?
Rosa Sanchez Salgado
4. A European Policy for CSOs? Exploring

Gaal-Holmes, Patti - A History of 1970s Experimental Film, e-kirja

A History of 1970s Experimental Film

Gaal-Holmes, Patti


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Patti Gaal-Holmes
2. Questions of History
Patti Gaal-Holmes
3. Institutional Frameworks and Organisational Strategies
Patti Gaal-Holmes
4. Experimental Film and Other Visual Arts
Patti Gaal-Holmes
5. Visionary, Mythopoeia and Diary Films
Patti Gaal-Holmes

Snyder-Young, Dani - Theatre of Good Intentions, e-kirja

Theatre of Good Intentions

Snyder-Young, Dani


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Do We Want to Use Theatre to Make Social Change?
Dani Snyder-Young
Part I. Impacting Participants
2. Theatre of Good Intentions
Dani Snyder-Young
3. Participatory Theatre and the Problem of Dominant Discourse
Dani Snyder-Young
4. Embedded in Institutions, Beholden

Selolwane, Onalenna - Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana, e-kirja

Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana

Selolwane, Onalenna


Table of contents
1. From National to People’s Poverty in Changing Policy Regimes
Onalenna Selolwane
2. Development Strategies and Poverty Reduction in Botswana
Happy Kufigwa Siphambe
3. Wealth and Income Inequalities
Imogen Patience Bonolo Mogotsi
4. Welfare, Social Protection and Poverty Reduction

Uldam, Julie - Civic Engagement and Social Media, e-kirja

Civic Engagement and Social Media

Uldam, Julie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Social Media and Civic Engagement
Julie Uldam, Anne Vestergaard
Part I. Formal Modes of Civic Engagement and Cooperation with Institutional Actors
2. Online Activism, CSR and Institutional Change
Frank G. A. Bakker
3. Why Some Political Opportunities Succeed and Others