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Fung, Anthony - Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy, e-kirja

Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy

Fung, Anthony


Globalizing the Chinese Online Game Industry: From Incubation and Hybridization to Structural Expansion in the Past Two Decades
Carlos K. F. Cheung, Anthony Fung
6. The Role of Dual Institutional- and Technological Entrepreneurship in the Formation of the Japanese

Morris, Nigel - A Companion to Steven Spielberg, e-kirja

A Companion to Steven Spielberg

Morris, Nigel


Offers comprehensive coverage of Spielberg’s directorial output, from early works including Duel, The Sugarland Express, and Jaws, to recent films Explores Spielberg’s contribution to the development of visual effects and computer games,

Goldstein, Jeffrey - Toys and Communication, e-kirja

Toys and Communication

Goldstein, Jeffrey


LMNOBeasts™: Using Typographically Inspired Toys to Aid Development of Language and Communication Skills in Early Childhood
Todd Maggio, Kerri Phillips, Christina Madix
Part III. Toys, Culture and Communication
7. Images of Toys in Spanish Art (15th–19th

Attrill, Alison - Applied Cyberpsychology, e-kirja

Applied Cyberpsychology

Attrill, Alison


Applying Psychology within Games Development: What Can the Gaming Industry Learn from the Discipline?
Linda Kaye
12. Military and Defence Applications
Coral Dando, Claire Tranter

Bourdon, Jérôme - Television Audiences Across the World, e-kirja

Television Audiences Across the World

Bourdon, Jérôme


Power Games: Audience Measurement as a Mediation between Actors in India
Santanu Chakrabarti
8. Imagining Audiences in Brazil: Class, ‘Race’ and Gender
Esther Hamburger, Heloisa Buarque Almeida, Tirza Aidar
9. From Referee to Scapegoat, but Still