Haku "European Politics"

Ekström, Mats - The Mediated Politics of Europe, e-kirja

The Mediated Politics of Europe

Ekström, Mats


Citizens Talking Politics in the News: Opinions, Attitudes and (Dis)Engagement
Mats Ekström, Andrew Tolson
9. On the Broadcast Spectrum of Citizen Participation: Citizen Talk in the Audience Discussion Genre
Marianna Patrona
Part V. Politicians

Mangala, Jack - Africa and the European Union, e-kirja

Africa and the European Union

Mangala, Jack


Table of contents
Part I. Setting the Context
1. Africa-EU Strategic Partnership: Significance and Implications
Jack Mangala
2. Africa-EU Strategic Partnership: Historical Background, Institutional Architecture, and Theoretical Frameworks

Donnelly, Daniel - Municipal Policing in the European Union, e-kirja

Municipal Policing in the European Union

Donnelly, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daniel Donnelly
2. A Brief History
Daniel Donnelly
3. Municipal Policing in the EU
Daniel Donnelly
4. Community Policing in the EU
Daniel Donnelly
5. Civilianisation, Private Security and Auxiliaries in the EU
Daniel Donnelly
6. Surveillance in the

Cooke, Paul - Screening European Heritage, e-kirja

Screening European Heritage

Cooke, Paul


The Politics and Sociology of Screening the Past: A National and Transnational Perspective
Ib Bondebjerg
2. British Flanders: Co-produced Television Drama and the Limits of a European Heritage
Jaap Verheul
3. Whose Heritage?: Noi credevamo (We Believed)

Guiraudon, Virginie - Europe’s Prolonged Crisis, e-kirja

Europe’s Prolonged Crisis

Guiraudon, Virginie


Introduction: The European Crisis — Contributions from Political Sociology
Virginie Guiraudon, Carlo Ruzza, Hans-Jörg Trenz
Part I. State-Society Relations
2. Not Just Singing the Blues: Dynamics of the EU Crisis
Dennis Smith
3. The Crisis and

Müller, Andreas - Governing Mobility Beyond the State, e-kirja

Governing Mobility Beyond the State

Müller, Andreas


The European Union and the Transformation of Borders
Andreas Müller
4. Methods and Research Design
Andreas Müller
5. Maintaining Internal Freedom of Movement: The European Commission’s Perspective on the External

Chen, Yanhui - Understanding Western Culture, e-kirja

Understanding Western Culture

Chen, Yanhui


Table of contents
1. Western Philosophy
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
2. Political Systems
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
3. Economic Systems of the West
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
4. Western Military Culture
Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu
5. Education System