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Brown, Jeremy Houghton - Horse Business Management, e-kirja

Horse Business Management

Brown, Jeremy Houghton


Down-to-earth and highly readable, this book demonstrates how to apply modern business theory to create a successful equine business through:  Understanding the market Considering available assets Developing effective marketing strategies Developing effective

Ackerman, Nicola - The Consulting Veterinary Nurse, e-kirja

The Consulting Veterinary Nurse

Ackerman, Nicola


From the basics of setting up the consulting room to running and marketing individual clinics, this book provides a comprehensive coverage of the role of the consulting veterinary nurse. A large section of the book details specific clinics run by nurses, including

Eastwood, Sharon - Business Management for the Equine Industry, e-kirja

Business Management for the Equine Industry

Eastwood, Sharon


Part 2 (Management) goes on to deal with resource management and how to go about strategic planning and marketing, concluding with an overall Business Plan. Part 3 sets out a series of case histories to illustrate the principles as discussed in Part 1 and 2.