Haku "Economic Systems"

Phillips, Bruce - Lobsters: Biology, Management, Aquaculture & Fisheries, e-kirja

Lobsters: Biology, Management, Aquaculture & Fisheries

Phillips, Bruce


A number of chapters from the First Edition covering Growth, Reproduction, Diseases, Behaviour, Nutrition, Larval and Post-Larval Ecology and Juvenile and Adult Ecology have been replaced by new chapters including Lobsters in Ecosystems, Genetics, Translocation, Climate Change, Ecolabelling of Lobsters,

Sorensen, P. W. - Fish Pheromones and Related Cues, e-kirja

Fish Pheromones and Related Cues

Sorensen, P. W.


Chapters then progress by examining the biological importance of pheromones in inter- and intra-species communication, the role these chemical cues play in a variety biological functions from reproduction to predation, and then how they evolved and are detected and recognized by fish nervous systems.

Pillay, T. V. R. - Aquaculture and the Environment, e-kirja

Aquaculture and the Environment

Pillay, T. V. R.


The second edition of this well-received book brings together and discusses the available information on all major environmental aspects of various aquaculture systems, providing a valuable aid to the preparation of environmental impact assessments of aquaculture projects

Lee, Daniel O'C. - Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture, e-kirja

Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture

Lee, Daniel O'C.


Examples of investment and operating costs of the different culture options are compared and an analysis of current trends in world crustacean markets is presented to assist in economic and financial appraisal.
Special consideration is given to the place of crustacean