Haku "Biomaterials"

Migonney, Véronique - Biomaterials, e-kirja


Migonney, Véronique


Discovered in the 20th century, biomaterials have contributed to many of the incredible scientific and technological advancements made in recent decades. This book introduces and details the tenets of biomaterials, their relevance in a various fields,

Breme, Jürgen - Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces, e-kirja

Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces

Breme, Jürgen


Clearly divided into three sections on the interface influence of materials and surface modifications, the physical and physicochemical surface characterization, and the biological characterization of the interface and biosystem reactions, this book is…

Mano, Joao F. - Biomimetic Approaches for Biomaterials Development, e-kirja

Biomimetic Approaches for Biomaterials Development

Mano, Joao F.


This approach is particularly important for the purposeful design of passive as well as functional biomaterials that mimic physicochemical, mechanical and biological properties of natural materials, making them suitable, for example, for biomedical devices or as scaffolds

Haidar, Ziyad - Integrated Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering, e-kirja

Integrated Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering

Haidar, Ziyad

Alk. 175,90€

This book acts as a self-contained resource for understanding the current technological advancement of biomaterials towards tissue engineering applications.  It covers impact of biomaterials at different length scales such as macro/micro/nano/

Mano, Joao F. - Biomaterials Surface Science, e-kirja

Biomaterials Surface Science

Mano, Joao F.


The editors, themselves prolific researchers, have assembled here a team of top-notch international scientists who read like a "who's who" of biomaterials science and engineering. They cover topics ranging from micro- and nanostructuring for imparting functionality

Clare, Alexis - Bio-Glasses: An Introduction, e-kirja

Bio-Glasses: An Introduction

Clare, Alexis

Alk. 100,10€

This new work is dedicated to glasses and their variants which can be used as biomaterials to repair diseased and damaged tissues. Bio-glasses are superior to other biomaterials in many applications, such as healing bone by signaling stem cells to become