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Kaczmarek, Piotr - Visualizing Financial Data, e-kirja

Visualizing Financial Data

Kaczmarek, Piotr


A fresh take on financial data visualization for greater accuracy and understanding
Your data provides a snapshot of the state of your business and is key to the success of your conversations, decisions, and communications. But all of that communication is lost — or incorrectly interpreted

Talia, Domenico - Grid Middleware and Services, e-kirja

Grid Middleware and Services

Talia, Domenico


Resource Management and Scheduling
1. Grid Scheduling with ATOP-Grid under Time Sharing
Xijie Zeng, Jiaying Shi, Xiaorong Cao, Angela C. Sodan
2. Benchmarking Grid Applications
Farrukh Nadeem, Radu Prodan, Thomas Fahringer, Alexandru Iosup
3. Data

Rooney, Timothy - Introduction to IP Address Management, e-kirja

Introduction to IP Address Management

Rooney, Timothy


A step-by-step guide to managing critical technologies of today's converged services IP networks
Effective IP Address Management (IPAM) has become crucial to maintaining high-performing IP services such as data, video, and voice over IP. This book

Bellu, Renato - Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies, e-kirja

Microsoft Dynamics GP For Dummies

Bellu, Renato


You’ll find out how to: Create invoices and bill your customers, manage receipts, and easily match payments to invoices Set up vendors quickly and easily Customize GP fit your business perfectly and make the home page more efficient Work with the modules you’ll use most often

Daras, Petros - User Centric Media, e-kirja

User Centric Media

Daras, Petros


Multimedia Source Management for Remote and Local Edition Environments
Alejandro González, Ana Cerezo, David Jiménez, José Manuel Menéndez
8. In Search of the Uncanny Valley
Frank E. Pollick
9. Investigating the Use of the Experience Clip Method

Thiadens, Theo - Manage IT!, e-kirja

Manage IT!

Thiadens, Theo


Supplying IT products and services within an architecture
Part 2. Traditional IT management: organizing demand and supply
3. Task focussed and simultaneous process-focussed supply of facilities
4. The demand-side: functional

Gebauer, Marcus - Daten- und Informationsqualität, e-kirja

Daten- und Informationsqualität

Gebauer, Marcus


Table of contents
Teil I. Informationsqualität - Grundlagen
1. Was wissen wir über Information?
Florian Engelmann, Christoph Großmann
2. Informationsqualität – Definitionen, Dimensionen und Begriffe
Jan P. Rohweder, Gerhard Kasten, Dirk Malzahn, Andrea Piro, Joachim Schmid
Teil II. Methoden – Techniken