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Adamatzky, Andrew - Game of Life Cellular Automata, e-kirja

Game of Life Cellular Automata

Adamatzky, Andrew


Larger than Life’s Extremes: Rigorous Results for Simplified Rules and Speculation on the Phase Boundaries
Kellie Michele Evans
12. RealLife
Marcus Pivato
13. Variations on the Game of Life
Ferdinand Peper, Susumu Adachi, Jia Lee
14. Does

Fleischmann, Albert - S-BPM in the Wild, e-kirja

S-BPM in the Wild

Fleischmann, Albert


An Abstract State Machine Interpreter for S-BPM
Harald Lerchner
14. Structured Communication—Approaching S-BPM with Microsoft Technologies
Robert Singer, Stefan Raß
15. ERP Integration in S-BPM Processes
Max Dirndorfer