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Manjunath, B. G. - A Course in Statistics with R, e-kirja

A Course in Statistics with R

Manjunath, B. G.


Integrates the theory and applications of statistics using R A Course in Statistics with R has been written to bridge the gap between theory and applications and explain how mathematical expressions are converted into R programs. The book has been primarily

Anderson, Alan - Statistics for Big Data For Dummies, e-kirja

Statistics for Big Data For Dummies

Anderson, Alan


The fast and easy way to make sense of statistics for big data
Does the subject of data analysis make you dizzy? You've come to the right place! Statistics For Big Data For Dummies breaks this often-overwhelming subject down into easily digestible

Hyvärinen, Aapo - Natural Image Statistics, e-kirja

Natural Image Statistics

Hyvärinen, Aapo


Statistics of Linear Features
5. Principal Components and Whitening
Aapo Hyvärinen, Jarmo Hurri, Patrik O. Hoyer
6. Sparse Coding and Simple Cells
Aapo Hyvärinen, Jarmo Hurri, Patrik O. Hoyer
7. Independent Component Analysis
Aapo Hyvärinen,

Tufféry, Stéphane - Data Mining and Statistics for Decision Making, e-kirja

Data Mining and Statistics for Decision Making

Tufféry, Stéphane

Alk. 80,20€

Data mining is the process of automatically searching large volumes of data for models and patterns using computational techniques from statistics, machine learning and information theory; it is the ideal tool for such an extraction of knowledge. Data mining is usually associated with a

Semmelroth, David - Data Driven Marketing For Dummies, e-kirja

Data Driven Marketing For Dummies

Semmelroth, David


Embrace data and use it to sell and market your products
Data is everywhere and it keeps growing and accumulating. Companies need to embrace big data and make it work harder to help them sell and market their products. Successful data analysis can…

Brosius, Felix - SPSS 24 für Dummies, e-kirja

SPSS 24 für Dummies

Brosius, Felix


Ob Kundendaten oder Absatzzahlen, Umfrageergebnisse oder wissenschaftliche Studien - große Datenmengen lassen sich am besten mit SPSS untersuchen, dem am häufigsten eingesetzten Softwaretool zur statistischen Datenanalyse. Mit "SPSS 24 für Dummies"…