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Kosseff, Jeff - Cybersecurity Law, e-kirja

Cybersecurity Law

Kosseff, Jeff


A definitive guide to cybersecurity law
Expanding on the author’s experience as a cybersecurity lawyer and law professor, Cybersecurity Law is the definitive guide to cybersecurity law, with an in-depth analysis

Pearson, Siani - Privacy and Security for Cloud Computing, e-kirja

Privacy and Security for Cloud Computing

Pearson, Siani


Law Enforcement and Audits
2. Accessing Data in the Cloud: The Long Arm of the Law Enforcement Agent
Ian Walden
3. A Privacy Impact Assessment Tool for Cloud Computing
David Tancock, Siani Pearson, Andrew Charlesworth

Akhgar, Babak - Intelligence Management, e-kirja

Intelligence Management

Akhgar, Babak


How Complexity Theory is Changing the Role of Analysis in Law Enforcement and National Security
Richard Leary, Jenny Thomas
6. Data Management Techniques for Criminal Investigations
Greg Mann
7. Fast 3D Recognition

Bala, Raja - Computer Vision and Imaging in Intelligent Transportation Systems, e-kirja

Computer Vision and Imaging in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bala, Raja


Acts as single source reference providing readers with an overview of how computer vision can contribute to the different applications in the field of road transportation
This book presents a survey of computer vision techniques related to three key broad problems in the roadway transportation domain: safety, efficiency,