Haku "Ethnography"

Harper, Richard - Fieldwork for Design, e-kirja

Fieldwork for Design

Harper, Richard


Table of contents
1. Ethnography, Fieldwork, and Design: Preliminary Remarks
Part 1. Theoretical and Analytic Issues
2. The State of Play
3. Some Perspectives
4. Activity Theory, Distributed Cognition, and Actor-Network Theory
Part 2. Methods for Social Investigation: Practical Issues
5. Ethnography and

Bannon, Liam J. - ECSCW 2007, e-kirja

ECSCW 2007

Bannon, Liam J.


Seeing Ethnographically: Teaching ethnography as part of CSCW
Barry Brown, Johan Lundin, Mattias Rost, Gustav Lymer, Lars Erik Holmquist
23. Cues to common knowledge
N. Bryan-Kinns, P. G. T. Healey, D. Papworth, A. Vaduuva