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Neumann, Dirk - Economic Models and Algorithms for Distributed Systems, e-kirja

Economic Models and Algorithms for Distributed Systems

Neumann, Dirk


Table of contents
1. Economic Models and Algorithms for Distributed Systems
Part I:. Reputation Mechanisms and Trust
2. A Belief-based Trust Model for Dynamic Service Selection
Ali Shaikh Ali, Omer F. Rana
3. Reputation, Princing and the E-Science Grid
Arun Anandasivam, Dirk Neumann
4. Trust-oriented

Abramowicz, Witold - Business Information Systems, e-kirja

Business Information Systems

Abramowicz, Witold


From Economic Drivers to B2B Process Models: A Mapping from REA to UMM
Rainer Schuster, Thomas Motal, Christian Huemer, Hannes Werthner
12. Using Surveys to Evaluate a Business Rules Based Development Approach
José L. Martínez-Fernández, José C. González-Cristóbal,

Jaiswal, Mahadeo P. - Information Systems, Technology and Management, e-kirja

Information Systems, Technology and Management

Jaiswal, Mahadeo P.


Fuzzontology: Resolving Information Mining Ambiguity in Economic Intelligent Process
Olufade Falade Williams Onifade, Odile Thiéry, Adenike Oyinlola Osofisan, Gérald Duffing
24. Personalizing Web Recommendations Using Web Usage Mining and Web Semantics with

Legler, Harald - National Systems of Innovation in Comparison, e-kirja

National Systems of Innovation in Comparison

Legler, Harald


Table of contents
Part 1. Introduction and Summary
1. Technological Performance – Concept and Practice
Harald Legler, Christian Rammer, Ulrich Schmoch
Part 2. The Origin of Knowledge: Research and Development
2. R&D Activities in the German Business Sector
Harald Legler, Christian Rammer, Christoph

Rakocevic, Veselin - Digital Business, e-kirja

Digital Business

Rakocevic, Veselin


Incentives, Business Model and Required Technical Infrastructure for the Economic Aware Data Grid
Dang Minh Quan, Orestis Terzidis, Sonja Klingert
12. The Incoming Trends of End-User Driven Service Creation
Zhenzhen Zhao, Nassim Laga, Noel Crespi