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Daoudi, Mohamed - 3D Face Modeling, Analysis and Recognition, e-kirja

3D Face Modeling, Analysis and Recognition

Daoudi, Mohamed

Alk. 100,10€

3D Face Modeling, Analysis and Recognition presents methodologies for analyzing shapes of facial surfaces, develops computational tools for analyzing 3D face data, and illustrates them using state-of-the-art applications. The methodologies chosen are based on efficient representations, metrics,

Flusser, Jan - 2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments, e-kirja

2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments

Flusser, Jan


Presents recent significant and rapid development in the field of 2D and 3D image analysis
2D and 3D Image Analysis by Moments, is a unique compendium of moment-based image analysis which includes traditional methods and also reflects the latest

Goel, Sanjay - Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime, e-kirja

Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime

Goel, Sanjay


iForensics: Forensic Analysis of Instant Messaging on Smart Phones
Mohammad Iftekhar Husain, Ramalingam Sridhar
3. A Survey of Forensic Localization and Tracking Mechanisms in Short-Range

Altholz, Nancy - Rootkits For Dummies, e-kirja

Rootkits For Dummies

Altholz, Nancy


Accompanying the book is a value-packed companion CD offering a unique suite of tools to help administrators and users detect rootkit problems, conduct forensic analysis, and make quick security fixes.

Schaefer, Dirk - Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0, e-kirja

Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0

Schaefer, Dirk


SCADA System Forensic Analysis Within IIoT
Peter Eden, Andrew Blyth, Kevin Jones, Hugh Soulsby, Pete Burnap, Yulia Cherdantseva, Kristan Stoddart
5. Big Data Security Intelligence for Healthcare Industry 4.0