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Bai, Ying - Practical Database Programming with Java, e-kirja

Practical Database Programming with Java

Bai, Ying


8 with authentic examples and detailed explanations.  This book provides readers with a clear picture as to how to handle the database programming issues in the Java NetBeans environment.  The book is ideal for classroom   and   professional training

Trepte, Sabine - Privacy Online, e-kirja

Privacy Online

Trepte, Sabine


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Privacy Online
Joseph B. Walther
2. Three Theories of Privacy: An Overview
Stephen T. Margulis
3. Negotiating Privacy Concerns and Social Capital Needs in a Social Media Environment
Nicole B. Ellison, Jessica Vitak, Charles Steinfield, Rebecca Gray, Cliff Lampe

Erçetin, Şefika Şule - Women Leaders in Chaotic Environments, e-kirja

Women Leaders in Chaotic Environments

Erçetin, Şefika Şule


Hazrat Aisha: In Terms of Religious, Authentic and Didactic Leadership Characteristics
Mehmet Menteşe, Mehmet Cem Şahin
6. Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Through Womanhood
Daniels Aide Okun
7. A Woman Leader in Ottoman History: Kösem Sultan (1589–1651)

Koper, Rob - Learning Network Services for Professional Development, e-kirja

Learning Network Services for Professional Development

Koper, Rob


Supporting Authentic Learning Contexts Beyond Classroom Walls
Jan Herrington, Marcus Specht, Gwyn Brickell, Barry Harper
18. Awareness and Reflection in Mobile Learning Support
Christian Glahn, Dirk Börner, Jeroen Storm, Marcus Specht
19. A Conceptual

Adler, Aaron - Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink, e-kirja

Revolutionizing Education with Digital Ink

Adler, Aaron


Table of contents
Part I. Introductions and Welcome
1. Introduction
Tracy Hammond, Aaron Adler, Stephanie Valentine
Part II. Why We Pen and Touch
2. Computer Interfaces Can Stimulate or Undermine Students’ Ability to Think
Sharon Oviatt
3. Inking Outside the Box: How Context Sensing Affords More Natural