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Hill, Richard - Engineering Money: Financial Fundamentals for Engineers, e-kirja

Engineering Money: Financial Fundamentals for Engineers

Hill, Richard


Most engineers learn about money the hard way: by experience in the workplace. The authors having done this themselves recognized the gap in engineers’ education and set out to bridge it. This book is based on a 1996 course George Solt pioneered for final-year engineering

Flanagan, Roger - Whole Life Appraisal: for Construction, e-kirja

Whole Life Appraisal: for Construction

Flanagan, Roger


Whole life appraisal entails a review not just of the capital costs of a project, but also the running and maintenance costs and is increasingly being required by clients seeking maximum value for money. This new book provides an introduction to the subject, discusses issues such as investment

Sullivan, Gary - Managing Construction Logistics, e-kirja

Managing Construction Logistics

Sullivan, Gary


It shows how reductions in transport movements, less money tied up in stock, less waste, and the more efficient use of skilled craftsmen will reduce the cost of projects, reduce construction time, improve quality, reduce risks to health and safety, and generally improve

Fabbri, Kristian - Building a Passive House, e-kirja

Building a Passive House

Fabbri, Kristian


Table of contents
1. An Uphill Trek
Stefano Piraccini
2. Is the Passive House Right for Us? (Follow the Money)
Stefano Piraccini
3. Navigation Instruments
Stefano Piraccini
4. Form and Structure
Stefano Piraccini
5. Building Envelope
Stefano Piraccini
6. Building Physics and Thermophysical

Siclari, Domenico - Italian Banking and Financial Law, e-kirja

Italian Banking and Financial Law

Siclari, Domenico


Electronic Money Institutions and Payment Institutions
Francesco Ciraolo
5. Insurance Companies
Andrea Miglionico
Part II. Markets
6. Regulation of Markets in Financial Instruments in Italy and in the European Union: General Principles

Saleuddin, Rasheed - Regulating Securitized Products, e-kirja

Regulating Securitized Products

Saleuddin, Rasheed


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Securitization as Villain and Savior
Rasheed Saleuddin
2. Securitization Markets and Mechanisms
Rasheed Saleuddin
3. Securitization, the Global Financial Crisis, and the New Regulatory World
Rasheed Saleuddin
4. What Is Regulation, and What It Can and Can’t Do —

Yasuda, Nobuyoshi - The Art of Process Chemistry, e-kirja

The Art of Process Chemistry

Yasuda, Nobuyoshi


Providing must-have knowledge for the pharmaceutical industry and process chemists in industry, this ready reference offers solutions for saving time and money and supplying -- in a sustainable way -- valuable products. Application-oriented and well structured, each chapter presents successful

Hall, Charles A. S. - The First Half of the Age of Oil, e-kirja

The First Half of the Age of Oil

Hall, Charles A. S.


Oil, Money, and Our Modern Civilization
Charles A. S. Hall, Carlos A. Ramírez-Pascualli
3. The Nature of Petroleum
Charles A. S. Hall, Carlos A. Ramírez-Pascualli
4. The Early Oil Industry
Charles A. S. Hall, Carlos A. Ramírez-Pascualli