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Chilton, Gill - Cleaning & Stain Removal for Dummies, e-kirja

Cleaning & Stain Removal for Dummies

Chilton, Gill


It helps you make quick work of dirty work with all kinds of practical tips and techniques, plus trade secrets used by the pros. You’ll learn how to use the proper equipment and tackle specific cleaning challenges, including Floors, walls, and ceilings The kitchen

Barclay, Liz - Green Living For Dummies, Mini Edition, e-kirja

Green Living For Dummies, Mini Edition

Barclay, Liz


Minimize your impact on the world and enjoy a green lifestyle
Whether you want to repair, restore, or reuse, this practical guide is packed with realistic ways to help the environment and create a better home for you and your loved ones — from reducing energy use and waste to scaling back reliance on your car to making

Burns, Miranda Caroligne - Reconstructing Clothes For Dummies, e-kirja

Reconstructing Clothes For Dummies

Burns, Miranda Caroligne


Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies offers inspiring projects and savvy tips on how to salvage those tired old clothes in your closet and turn them into a one-of-a-kind wardrobe. It shows craftsters, DIY enthusiasts, budget-conscious fashionistas and people from all walks of life

Bhushan, Bharat - Applied Scanning Probe Methods VIII, e-kirja

Applied Scanning Probe Methods VIII

Bhushan, Bharat


Carbon Nanotubes as SPM Tips: Mechanical Properties of Nanotube Tips and Imaging
Sophie Marsaudon, Charlotte Bernard, Dirk Dietzel, Cattien V. Nguyen, Anne Marie Bonnot, Jean-Pierre Aimé, Rodolphe Boisgard
5. Scanning Probes for the Life Sciences

Olson, Candice - Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges, e-kirja

Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges

Olson, Candice


Includes Candice's tips and insight into what makes each space workCandice shares how she overcame the predominant challenge in each caseProvides invaluable guidance on planning your own room redos
Redecorating—or even just dreaming about decorating—can