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Olson, Candice - Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges, e-kirja

Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges

Olson, Candice


From working around architectural limitations like sloped ceilings or a lack of wall space, merging styles to ensure that a room's decor pleases all of a home's occupants, to accommodating the changes that come about when a family grows or shrinks, this book highlights

Gerson, Uri - Mites (Acari) for Pest Control, e-kirja

Mites (Acari) for Pest Control

Gerson, Uri


Mites are now used in various ways for biological control, with a growing number of species being sold commercially throughout the world. The authors of this landmark publication, who have between them a huge wealth of experience

Randall, Julian - Designing Indoor Solar Products, e-kirja

Designing Indoor Solar Products

Randall, Julian


Photovoltaic technology - or the direct conversion of light into electricity - is the fastest growing means of electricity generation today, however it is generally used outdoors. Relatively little attention has been focused on the many obstacles to overcome when designing efficient indoor

Molisch, Andreas F. - Wireless Communications, e-kirja

Wireless Communications

Molisch, Andreas F.

Alk. 139,25€

The second edition, which includes a wealth of new material on important topics, ensures the role of the text as the key resource for every student, researcher, and practitioner in the field."
—Professor Moe Win, MIT, USA
Wireless communications has