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Schrödel, Tobias - Ich glaube, es hackt!, e-kirja

Ich glaube, es hackt!

Schrödel, Tobias


Table of contents
1. Vorspiel
Tobias Schrödel
2. Geldkarten & -automaten
Tobias Schrödel
3. Office-Anwendungen, Dateien & Betriebssystem
Tobias Schrödel
4. Passwörter & PINs
Tobias Schrödel
5. Internet
Tobias Schrödel
6. Online-Shopping
Tobias Schrödel

Gu, Yunan - Matching Theory for Wireless Networks, e-kirja

Matching Theory for Wireless Networks

Gu, Yunan


College Admissions Model for Facebook Content Caching
Zhu Han, Yunan Gu, Walid Saad
6. Matching with Minimum Quota for Integrated mmWave-Microwave Networks
Zhu Han, Yunan Gu, Walid Saad
7. Student Project Allocation Model for LTE-Unlicensed

Monino, Jean-Louis - Big Data, Open Data and Data Development, e-kirja

Big Data, Open Data and Data Development

Monino, Jean-Louis


Billions of pieces of content are shared on social networks such as Facebook, more than 2.46 million every minute. We spend more than 4.8 hours a day on the Internet using a computer, and 2.1 hours using a mobile. Data, this new ethereal manna from heaven, is produced

Bartling, Sönke - Opening Science, e-kirja

Opening Science

Bartling, Sönke


Academia Goes Facebook? The Potential of Social Network Sites in the Scholarly Realm
Michael Nentwich, René König
8. Reference Management
Martin Fenner, Kaja Scheliga, Sönke Bartling
9. Open Access: A State of the Art
Dagmar Sitek, Roland Bertelmann

Benghozi, Pierre‐Jean - Digital Enterprise Design & Management, e-kirja

Digital Enterprise Design & Management

Benghozi, Pierre‐Jean


A Dynamic Agent-Based Modeling Framework for Digital Business Models: Applications to Facebook and a Popular Portuguese Online Classifieds Website
Aneesh Zutshi, António Grilo, Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves
11. The Impact of 3D Printing Technologies on Business